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9 inch Buddy the Dog

9 inch Buddy the Dog

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Send the ultimate gift... a Hug in a Box!

Send someone special Buddy the Dog, with a personalised handwritten note in our fancy signature box

Buddy is another diamond in the ruff and cute as a button, the sort of gift any friends, family, someone special, or yourself woof love.

This guy will hit the spot and will mutt someones day and is ready to make someone smile.

★ 9” Tall, super soft & cuddly 

★ Gently scented with French Lavender

★ Weighted for comfort 

★ Can be reheated 100's of times

★ Suitable for all ages.

Sensory Benefits

  • Sensory Weighted Range - All our fluffy pals weigh over 1kg making them the perfect friend for anyone seeking additional sensory feedback.
  • This additional weight and size (9 inches tall) provides proprioceptive input that can help soothe an overactive brain and promotes calmness.
  • Proprioceptive input can be very calming for those who are easily overwhelmed by sensory stimulation and can be known to facilitate attention and learning.
  • This range is a great alternative to weighted blankets as they are portable, always to hand as a self-regulating aid.
  • A beautiful thoughtful gift, a great alternative to flowers, reminds someone how amazing they are.

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