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Winter Teddy Bear - Fuzzy Bear

Winter Teddy Bear - Fuzzy Bear

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Introducing Warmies®, the ultimate in cuddly comfort! These adorable plush companions are more than just soft toys; they're your cozy, microwavable buddies, here to wrap you in warmth and relaxation.

This Festive Warmies Winter Bear Plush will take off the winter chill. Simply warm for 90 seconds up to a 1,000W microwave. Soothes, Warms and Comforts. Scented with French Lavender. Chill in a Freezer for Cooling Relief. Suitable for all ages.

Luxuriously Soft: Crafted with the softest plush fabric, Warmies® are designed to melt into your embrace, providing hours of pure, soothing comfort.

Calming Lavender Scent: Gently scented with the calming essence of French lavender, Warmies® create a tranquil atmosphere that soothes your senses.

Reusable Warmth: With the ability to be reheated time and time again, these soft friends are always ready to offer their warm embrace, making them the perfect source of comfort on chilly days.

Weighted Hugs: Warmies® are thoughtfully weighted, adding an extra dimension to your cuddling experience, so you can sink into their embrace and relax even more deeply.

Safety First: We hold safety as our highest priority, and Warmies® bear multiple safety certifications, including British Safety Standard BS 8433:2004, European Toy Safety Standard EN71-1/2/3, American Toy Safety Standard ASTM-f963, and NB Toys/2016/060.

For All Ages: Warmies® are perfect for everyone, regardless of age. Whether it's a comforting companion for a child or a soothing remedy for an adult, they make the ideal gift for all.

Low-Maintenance: To keep your Warmies® fresh and clean, simply surface clean them with a lightly damp cloth and allow them to dry at room temperature. Please do not immerse them in water.

Discover the warmth, comfort, and charm of Warmies®—your new best friend.

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