5 Top Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Her and for Him

If you are a lover at heart, you know how important it is to celebrate Valentine’s day. It is not just a day to express your love, but also to rekindle the passion and desire you have for someone. It is a day to show how valuable the other person is and how much you care for them. Though you can celebrate Valentine’s day in any special way, you cannot ignore the essence of the celebration ie gifting. Whether it is a very small budget-friendly gift or an exotic one, gifts are indispensable for Valentine’s day celebration. 

What is St. Valentine's Day? 

St. Valentine’s day or Feast of Saint Valentine is a Christian feast day honoring the great martyr named Valentine. This special day is celebrated on February 14th every year. There are several St. valentines day facts available in history. But the one that is closely related to the Valentine’s day celebration is the story of the Roman priest St. Valentine. 

In ancient Rome, the emperor forbade the Roman soldiers from marrying as he believed that married men do not make great soldiers. St Valentine helped these Roman soldiers get married and hence became a patron of love. To commemorate this great saint, Valentine’s day is celebrated on February 14th, which is the death anniversary of the saint. 

What is the most popular gift on Valentines Day?

The best valentines day gifts include flowers, cards, chocolates, and teddy bears. But nowadays, different romantic gift ideas are available online and you can opt for one  depending on how much you can spend. 

Which gift is best for a boyfriend on Valentine Day?

Heart shaped jewellery

Does your boyfriend love wearing bracelet or neck chain? Then the best gifts for him are jewellery with heart shaped embellishments. Whether to go for gold, silver or platinum is purely your personal choice and depends on your budget. 


To cherish the time you have spent together, you can gift a beautiful portrait with your pictures to your boyfriend. For a more classic look, you can select a wooden frame. If your boyfriend likes a casual vibe, colored frames are also a great option. 

Coffee mug

What about a custom made coffee mug for that coffee lover in your life? You can go for a twin coffee mug with your photos imprinted on it. It makes a great keepsake which your boyfriend is sure to cherish throughout his life. 

What is the best gift for a girlfriend on Valentine’s Day?

Teddy bear

A furry hug is one of the cutest gifts for her on this special day. You can either gift a teddy bear as such or go for a combination of teddy bear, chocolate or candles like the Valentine’s love in a box. The best thing about a teddy bear gift is that it is a keepsake. Every time your girlfriend take a look at it, she is sure to remember you. 


Flowers are a great St valentines day gifts for her to express your love. The type and color of the flower you choose convey your feeling. For example, a red rose is the symbol of love. Yellow flower represents joy and makes a good gift for a friend. 

Valentine’s day is the time when you can pour your heart out and express your love towards that special person. The best way to express your feeling is by gifting something special. 


May this Valentine’s day provide you with all that your heart wishes for. 

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