A collection of heartfelt messages

At Hug in a Box, we handwrite each message from you to accompany your gift box. Delve into a collection of heartfelt messages, carefully kept anonymous, to spark creativity and inspiration for your own personalised gift card writing. 🎁💖 #HugInABox #GiftCardInspiration

  • Love you vefy vefy much. Love Ash
  • Warm hugs to you and your family until we meet. Ash
  • Hope you have the fastest recovery ever Ash!!!
  • Thanks for being the best mammy in 2023 Love Ash
  • A little pick me up while you’re stuck studying :)
  • Wanted you to know we were thinking of you!


 Things to say to someone in grief, ways to say 'I'm thinking of you', 'Get Well Soon' messages




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