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9 inch Caring Bear

9 inch Caring Bear

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Send someone special Care the Marshmallow Grey Teddy Bear with a personalised handwritten note in our fancy signature box.

We love his bear hugs the most, he is such a caring character, a special treat for any friends, family, someone special, or yourself.

Once Care gets his bearings he turns any frown upside down and makes someone smile.

9" Tall Warmies®, super soft & cuddly 

Gently scented with French Lavender

★ Weighted for comfort 

★ Can be reheated 100's of times

Suitable for all ages.

Sensory Benefits

  • Sensory Weighted Range - All our fluffy pals weigh over 1kg making them the perfect friend for anyone seeking additional sensory feedback.
  • This additional weight and size (13 or 9 inches tall) provides proprioceptive input that can help soothe an overactive brain and promotes calmness.
  • Proprioceptive input can be very calming for those who are easily overwhelmed by sensory stimulation and can be known to facilitate attention and learning.
  • This range is a great alternative to weighted blankets as they are portable, always to hand as a self-regulating aid.
  • A beautiful thoughtful gift, a great alternative to flowers, reminds someone how amazing they are.

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