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Gourmet Mixed Chocolate Clusters by Buioch

Gourmet Mixed Chocolate Clusters by Buioch

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An Exciting Gourmet Adventure of Flavours & Textures in this Cool Carton

From Ireland's heart, a curated selection of Chocolate Clusters. Experience three classics in one: the salted bliss of caramel, the fruity-nutty fusion of cranberries & cashews, and the spicy-sweet medley of orange & chilli.

Crafted for indulgence, savoured for memories. 

Salted Caramel Clusters: Crunch into the golden caramel beauty seasoned with Atlantic's sprinkle, all enveloped in creamy Belgian milk chocolate.

Cranberry Cashew Clusters: Delight in chewy cranberries and the nutty allure, bathed in silken Belgian white chocolate.

Orange Chilli Clusters: Surrender to the opulence of Belgian dark chocolate, bursting with zesty orange notes and spiced up with a hint of chilli.

The Outside - An embodiment of visual splendour. Our distinctive milk carton-style Cluster box is a canvas of rich chocolate shades - dark, milk, and white, set against a vibrant backdrop of green, accentuated by the signature Buioch purple.

Eco-conscious Packaging

Sustainability is Buioch's pledge, with every aspect of our packaging being 100% recyclable.

Cocoa Horizons Support 

Every cluster savoured is a step towards nurturing the cocoa farming community. With Cocoa Horizons, we aim to uplift farmers, ensuring their expertise flourishes and paves the way for a future full of delectable chocolates.

Handmade in Ireland

Why not add one of these gorgeous boxes of chocolates to your hug in a box?

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