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Gourmet Salted Carmel Clusters by Buioch

Gourmet Salted Carmel Clusters by Buioch

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An Exciting A Symphony of Sea Salt and Sumptuous Chocolates in this Cool Carton

From Ireland's heart, a curated selection of Chocolate Clusters. Indulge in the harmonious dance of cracked caramel shards, kissed by the enigmatic Wild Atlantic, encased within the velvety embrace of renowned Belgian milk chocolate. Every bite promises a moment of caramelized ecstasy, evoking the spirit of the majestic Irish coastline.  If salted caramel is your thing these are for you! 

Crafted for indulgence, savoured for memories.  Oceanic Euphoria in Every Cluster

Salted Caramel Clusters: Crunch into the golden caramel beauty seasoned with Atlantic's sprinkle, all enveloped in creamy Belgian milk chocolate.

The Outside - Reflecting the ocean's serenity, each recyclable milk carton box portrays a vivid oceanic blue that seamlessly blends with our signature Buioch purple, creating an external appeal that mirrors the artisanal treasure within.

Eco-conscious Packaging

Sustainability is Buioch's pledge, with every aspect of our packaging being 100% recyclable.

Cocoa Horizons Support 

Every cluster savoured is a step towards nurturing the cocoa farming community. With Cocoa Horizons, we aim to uplift farmers, ensuring their expertise flourishes and paves the way for a future full of delectable chocolates.

Handmade in Ireland

Why not add one of these gorgeous boxes of chocolates to your hug in a box?

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